Freight Forwarding

Aigle Group has achieved what very few Freight Forwarders have, which is the ability to become united with all of its partners, the difficulties and problems of “forwarding” being inexistent in our services.

The constant respect we show to both our own team and partners has helped us gain the ability to place trusted offers even as a forwarder.

By offering optimized circumstances to fellow transporters we increase their service quality and obtain the best prices, which allows us to come up with the best solutions also as Forwarders.

What makes us different from any other Freight Forwarder? We have gained our clients’ trust with a transparent reputation by always putting the needs and claims of our partners’ ahead of our own.

Being a Freight Forwarder, as well as individual transporter with its own fleet, allows us to be aware of all factors ahead of time and hence being able to reach destinations others would reject as impossible or too difficult and we overcome situations most would fail in.

Our partners, both clients and fellow transporters, know us as we are: Prompt, honest and alert in every project, ready to find a solution for every situation.


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